Thursday, 12 November 2009

6 pathways to success for L & D professionals

Learning and Development professionals need to focus on six key areas to ensure they drive company performance , according to a recent meeting of the forum ( a group of 22 L&D professionals ) facilitated by Paul Maisey of Buffin Leadership International. Creative Problem Solving is core followed by adaptive learning processes, people engagement , results focus , teamwork and understanding.

Their Top Tips are

Creative Problem Solving

- Facilitate creative problem solving sessions to create and inspire ideas
- Develop innovative solutions to increase positive customer experience
- Create engaging training that opens staff to new ideas
- Drive and nurture creativity in communications
- Instil mindset that looks for new opportunities , new ways of working

Adaptive Learning Processes

- Develop a blended learning proposition focussed on business goals
- Support performance management with employee development via coaching programme
- Identify , share and reward cost effective best practice
- Build a positive training culture that drives team performance aligned to business objectives
- Identify and develop internal talent at all levels

People engagement

- Encourage people to identify and achieve personal goals that benefit the company
- Share ( open book style ) performance and successes
- Promote self belief
- Use new ideas/challenges to energise teams
- Support individuals and teams in taking ownership of issues

Results Focus

- Measure performance and recognise individual/team contributions
- Ensure L&D activities are match for current and future business needs
- Help people to maximise all their current skills
- Develop L&D programmes that drive greater quality and efficiency
- Measure impact of L&D activities on business priorities


- Establish cross functional relationships focussed on results
- Create and Celebrate role models of teamwork
- Develop supportive culture where sharing issues is encouraged
- Provide models of ways of team working
- Invest in teams that deliver results


- Ensure company understands current and future needs of customers
- Learn from how other companies practices
- Encourage and listen to ideas from all staff
- Drive shared understanding of key objectives and issues
- L&D must be open , approachable and quick to respond

L&D professionals that adopt these 30 Top Tips will help to ensure their companies become better , stronger , faster.

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