Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Goal Setting for 2009

With the pantomine season now well under way and the New Year rapidly approaching I thought it would be worth sharing a goal setting technique from Neuro-Linguistic Programming that is useful for both personal and business outcomes for 2009. So just imagine yourself being even more successful by..
1. Ensure your outcome is positively stated
As there is a tendency to get what you focus on ensure that your focus is a positive one!
Answer the question “what do you want?”
2. Specify the context for your outcome
Does the outcome apply everywhere, under all conditions?
Answer the question “where , when , with whom will you want this?”
3. Express outcome in sensory specific form
How will you know it when it happens?
Answer the questions “what will you see/hear/feel/experience when you achieve this?”
4. Check this is within YOUR capability
The outcome should be formed so that its achievement is down to you!
Answer the questions “ what resources have you got/can activate/can gain to get this?”
5. Preserving your other outcomes/desires
How will this impact on other aspects of your life?
Answer the question “ will you lose anything you have now by achieving this outcome?”
6. Check this is worthwhile
Does the outcome match your values and beliefs?
Answer the question “ is the outcome worth what it will take to get it?”
7. What are the positive future consequences
Check the impact on yourself and those around you
Answer the question “how will your life (and others) be different?”
8. Do it!!
Answer the question “What is the first step and when will you start?”

Have a Happy , Fulfilling and Productive New Year !!