Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Dynamic Leadership in a Global Future

Continuous learning is at the heart of great leadership as we speed towards the future, according to experienced members of the Chartered Management Institute in Guernsey. Future Leaders will also have a dynamic vision, be market driven and globally competitive. These were the conclusions from a seminar organised by Susie Andrade of the CMI on “What will great leadership in Guernsey be like in 2020? “ run by Paul Maisey of Buffin Leadership International.

Top Tips for continuous professional development include

1. Continuous Learning
- Broad skills set with commitment to lifelong learning
- Knowledgeable at different levels ie detail ( product ) big picture ( global market )
- Making the most of information systems and leading edge technology
- Able to multitask and prioritise actions
- Flexes leadership skills to changing needs of virtual teams

2. Dynamic Vision
- Have and clearly communicate a consistent and compelling vision ( Direction )
- Be adaptable and responsive to changing circumstances ( Route )
- Inclusive of all beliefs and ideas
- Empowers and motivates to achieve creativity and innovation
- Supports colleagues and customers with effective coaching

3. Market Driven
- Open to different approaches for different markets ( globally )
- Customer centric in structure and accountability
- Adapts business model that balances needs of all stakeholders
- Recognises role in shaping Governmental and international policies
- Brand is visible and appropriate to markets

4. Globally Competitive
- Aims to be market leader in chosen market segments
- Multi cultural demographics reflected in structure and practices
- Adapts “ AND “ approach. Customer centric AND operationally efficient
- Earns respect and loyalty from customers and employees
- Sophisticated business model as competitors in one market may be partners in other

With thanks for these 20 Top Tips to all those who gave up their time to contribute their thoughts, ideas and energy to the seminar.

Paul Maisey is Regional Director Buffin Leadership International. Further information is available at www.Buffin.com