Friday, 15 May 2009

Recession Busting HR!

Effective communication is critical in HR’s role in ensuring a company successfully emerges from the recession, according to twelve HR specialist’s from the South West. You also need engaging leadership, future oriented Organisational Development, efficient operations and powerful training. These were the conclusions from a creative problem solving seminar looking at the issue of HR’s role in driving success, run by Paul Maisey of Buffin Leadership International.

Top Tips include

Effective Communication

- Listen to staff concerns and openly share company information
- Ensure everyone understands business drivers and company plans
- Ask for ,and use , ideas from within the company
- Use HR professional networks to gain new ideas and options
- Step up the frequency of communication to all stakeholders

Engaging Leadership

- Support all Leaders in building and re-inforcing a positive mindset
- Encourage additional coaching activity to address concerns
- Ensure everyone remembers importance of Customers
- Re focus leadership training to business priorities ( and find cheaper and quicker delivery mechanisms)
- Remember how we treat our people know shows our real values!

Future Oriented Organisational Development

- Drive change management to re-focus roles on business priorities
- Re visit your vision and values, could you achieve them in a new way?
- Encourage cross functional working with focus on external customers
- Plan ahead – balance short term responses with longer term needs (you will still need talented people)
- Increase the company , and individuals , ability to manage change

Efficient Operations

- Adapt HR processes to reflect priorities
- Implement alternative reward and recognition practices
- Use flexible working opportunities
- Ensure people are “ managed out “ with respect
- Consider shared services and use of free websites

Powerful Training

- Prioritise learning and development focus to align with company needs
- Create innovative and practical development methods
- Encourage active coaching and mentoring
- Adapt talent management programmes to reassure managers of future
- Ensure all learning is aligned to measureable business benefit

Paul Maisey is the Regional Director for Buffin Leadership International. Further information is available at

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Criminal or Leader

Criminal or Leader : Caterpillar or Butterfly ?

“There is nothing about a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to become a butterfly “
What costs the UK £11 billion annually and doesn’t work ? Our criminal justice system!
Over 70 % of young offenders ( age 18-21 ) re-offend within 2 years !
Are you shocked – or do you think that simply locking people up doesn’t change their behaviours or beliefs?
What if we could apply the same world class interventions demanded by corporate business? What could a high quality personal leadership programme achieve? A reduction in the prison population of 5% would save £120 million annually – not to mention falling crime levels!
Having spent a year researching, designing and piloting we are now launching a brand new and unique leadership programme. Harnessing Potential Ltd, in conjunction with Buffin Leadership, is proud to launch the Chrysalis Programme at the House of Lords next week!
Our aim is to help individuals learn how to better understand , manage and modify their interactions with others , in terms of , attitudes , behaviours and and choices leading to less anti-social behaviour. Over 12 different modules, 18 guided learning days, they will be able to receive a BTEC level 2 certificate in Workskills.
Feedback so far has included
“It helps me realise how I can change my ways of thinking and thinking patterns, whilst having fun at the same time “
“ You’ve handed me a manual that could help me change my life , others and maybe even the world”

We are immensely proud that our leadership and creative problem solving techniques can generate such a positive response from young offenders! Who knows they may be the leaders of our future!