Thursday, 27 November 2008

The Secret to Great Leadership in 2018

A high level of self awareness is at the heart of the future of great leadership, according to fifteen members of the Chartered Management Institute in Bath. You also need to maximise your personal attributes as well as your technical and managerial skills, to underpin a high level of competence in leadership and soft skills. These were the conclusions from a creative problem solving seminar looking at “What will great leaders be like in 2018? “ run by Paul Maisey of Buffin Leadership International.

Top Tips include

Self Awareness
- Commit to and undertake lifelong learning
- Be true to your strengths
- Celebrate culturally diverse thinking and practices

Leadership Skills
- Have and clearly communicate a compelling vision
- Be adaptable and responsive
- Support your colleagues and customers with effective coaching

Soft Skills
- Be approachable and willing to listen
- Use your ( and others ) imagination to innovate
- Include differing views and perspectives in decision making

Managerial Skills
- Have a strategic overview of direction
- Be an effective delegator
- Use Networking to ensure knowledge & skills up to date

Technical Skills
- Be numerate and understand the profit/loss equation
- Use Information Technology to maximum advantage
- Have the ability to manage a “ virtual “ team

Personal attributes
- Whether from Asia, India , Russia or Europe play to your strengths
- Male or Female appreciate other perspectives
- Use your beliefs and values to drive change

The eighteen top tips above represent a summary of over 70 attributes required of a future leader. Each leader and each company will use them in the way most appropriate to their circumstances and industries.

Paul Maisey is the Regional Director in the South West for Buffin Leadership International. Further information is available at