Thursday, 31 December 2009

Achieving your New Year Resolutions 2010

With just 2 years to go to the Olympics athletes know the challenge ahead! To be part of it (let alone winning medals ) will involve years of dedication and practice with a very clear and specific dream to be achieved. Assuming athletes are human (!! ) then maybe we can be successful by using the following techniques..
1. Ensure your outcome is positively stated
As there is a tendency to get what you focus on ensure that your focus is a positive one!
Answer the question “what do you want?”
2. Specify the context for your outcome
Does the outcome apply everywhere, under all conditions?
Answer the question “where , when , with whom will you want this?”
3. Express outcome in sensory specific form
How will you know it when it happens?
Answer the questions “what will you see/hear/feel/experience when you achieve this?”
4. Check this is within YOUR capability
The outcome should be formed so that its achievement is down to you!
Answer the questions “ what resources have you got/can activate/can gain to get this?”
5. Preserving your other outcomes/desires
How will this impact on other aspects of your life?
Answer the question “ will you lose anything you have now by achieving this outcome?”
6. Check this is worthwhile
Does the outcome match your values and beliefs?
Answer the question “ is the outcome worth what it will take to get it?”
7. What are the positive future consequences
Check the impact on yourself and those around you
Answer the question “how will your life (and others) be different?”
8. Do it!!
Answer the question “What is the first step and when will you start?”

Have a Happy , Fulfilling and Productive New Year !!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Shaping the Future : Leadership 2020

Great Leaders of the future will be adaptable, empowering, diverse, customer focussed and emotionally intelligent. These were the conclusions from a meeting of 20 MBA graduates (South West Alumni Network) hosted by the Open Business School and run by Paul Maisey of Buffin Leadership International.

After discussing known trends such as economic globalisation, demographic changes and the impact of technology the group went on to create their own model of what great leadership would be like in 2020. Below is the list of key areas - for current leaders to consider for their future development !!

1. Adaptable
- Able to respond to change at different speeds
- Uses different approaches in different situations
- Focuses more on a creative mindset than processes
- Less risk averse and willing to fail ( learn )

2. Empowering
- Will encourage leadership behaviours at all levels of organisation
- General style will be participative and coaching based
- Major focus on increasing teams knowledge base
- Collaborative working across teams and organisations
- Relationships built on listening and trust

3. Diverse
- Welcomes ideas from all cultures
- Inclusive working practices irrespective of gender , background etc
- Explores opportunities in dispersed way of working ( international )
- Utilizes blends of experience and innovation

4. Customer focussed

- Open to different approaches for different markets ( globally )
- Customer centric in structure and accountability
- Will involve customers in generating solutions to their needs
- A flexible and highly responsive ethos
- Will use Information Technologies to connect with wide range of customers

5. Emotionally Intelligent
- Values driven , intuitive leadership style
- Humble ( learns from mistakes and recognises others knowledge )
- Able to engage people in clear Vision
- Uses humour and emotions to draw on teams strengths